To Determine Your Type Measure The Screw Height:

When presser foot is down, measure the distance from the bottom of foot to screw-hole that holds the foot onto the presser bar.


  1. Most machines made since 1980 use snap-on feet. (Except Berninas that have their own style of attaching, and therefore need an adaptor).
  2. If foot is not screwed on, it is a snap-on.
  3. All Viking machines are snap-on. Viking (Huskvarna) and Pfaff are European made.
  4. Most Japanese machines are snap-on (Brother).
  5. All Berninas need a Low Shank Adaptor and use generic low shank feet.
  6. Singer Slant IS FOR SINGER SLANT MACHINES only. (All other Singers have snap-on or screw on feet.)
  7. All Featherweights use low shank feet. They are center needle position machines.
  8. For super high-bar lever-style Kenmore, use a High-bar adaptor.